OTG Membership

Your first session is a FREE workout that includes:

1)  Why an Intro session
2)  History of CrossFit and CrossFit OTG
3)  Why CrossFit? 
4)  CrossFit Methodology
5)  How the gym works
6)  Introductory Workout
7)  Post -Workout Discussion - includes pricing, packages, extras, and journal

This is a one hour session and is held by appointment.

The Intro is mandatory for everyone who wishes to attend classes/private training and become a part of the best CrossFit Community in the country.

Give us a call or email to schedule your FREE Intro.

Egg Harbor Twp 1-609-513-9164

Once completed, you can choose the training package that best fits your schedule and fitness needs. After your Intro Workout, you will then be placed into a Foundations Class.

The Foundations Class consists of either 1 or 2 sessions with a professional coach to help you learn Crossfit's foundational movements along with many others. We do this to make your transition into group classes smoother and less overwhelming. All Foundations classes are based on technique, consistency and eventually intensity throughout the movements covered.

Each of our Foundations Classes in Egg Harbor Twp is held on Tues and Thurs @ 6:30 pm.

If you are unable to make these times, we will schedule your 

Foundations Classes per your schedule as Personal Training Sessions.

Once you're finished your Foundations Classes, you can join one of the group classes that best suits your schedule.  Each group class is designed with CrossFit's methodology and OTG's programming to illicit Community, Camaraderie, and Competition.

Workout days are currently:

Egg Harbor Twp - Monday through Saturday